PEP & sanctions

AML360 in partnership with Dow Jones provides a practical dashboard with workflow processes for screening against –

– Global Sanctions and Other Official Lists
– Global Politically Exposed Persons
– Relative and Close Associates
– Special Interest Persons – Financial Crime

AML Software PEPs | Sanctions


When a red flag is detected, your senior manager can be notified by email with a single click. All related PEPs and Sanctions screening data is automatically included.


Your PEP and Sanctions screening dashboard has been purposely built for the practical day-to-day work process flow. Set staff permissions from the Manage Users tab.


Record keeping is often overlooked yet it is a regulatory requirement. Our screening solution simplifies record keeping for all searches, allowing you to meet regulatory expectation.


Your dashboard includes a Review and Monitor Register from where file notes can be entered to confirm action taken. Open and closed files are recorded in charts.


To ensure you meet your regulatory obligations, Dow Jones provides one of the most comprehensive data resources for PEPs and Sanctions screening.


Set staff permissions from the Manage Users tab. Assign Editing, Admin or Viewing rights to match staff roles across your organisation.

Bulk Screening

Depending on the size of your business you have options of conducting single screen search or bulk customer screening.

Record Keeping PEPs

Record Keeping

Results of screening can be emailed for your record keeping regulatory requirements to evidence compliance has been met.   

Status Alerts

The status of the alert is indicated through colour coding. The drill-down filters allow instant analysis.

AML Software PEPs
AML Software Sanctions

Case Management

The monitor register displays pie charts for quick interpretation of the volume of open and closed red flag alerts. 

File Notes

The Review and Monitor registers enable file note recording for tracking and auditing purposes.

Dow Jones PEPs and Sanctions
PEP | AML | Compliance


Should senior management sign-off be required, the dashboard provides an email form with automated customer profiles.